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Brylon presents...


Finally a Novel Herpes Treatment is Just Under Your Hood!!!

World's #1 Herpes Treatment Program "AIMHERP" NOW KNOCKING YOUR DOOR...

AimHerp is a 100% Organic Treatment Program With a Basic Theme




To Unleash True Holistic Herpes Healing Experience


Are you ready to take the 75 days challenge, a challenge that will transform your body into a bulletproof immune giant? We are just asking you your 75 days, and you will be living HERPES-FREE LIFE FOREVER. These 75 days will be your toughest as we are going to work on your HERPES VIRUS, LIFESTYLE, DIET, EATING BEHAVIOR, STRESS which are the building blocks for any herpes treatment regimen. "AIMHERP" will re-educate your immune system, detoxify your body. AIMHERP isn't only a treatment program but is also a way to view your health that so-called billion dollar pharma industry wants to hide from you.

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Founder of AimHerp

I've helped, to be precise, 7965 clinically diagnosed herpes patients to bring smile back on their face. You can also be the part of our ever growing herpes-free family. What I need is your dedication and your 75 days to make you free from herpes virus FOREVER...

  • I am a fellow researcher to the Institute of Natural Science

  • I have devoted 15 years of my life in understanding natural healing system.

  • My work have got recognition in 97+ countries and still counting...

My one and only goal will be to work with you and strategize a system necessary to uproot herpes virus out of your life forever.

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Janet Holly from Iowa

Name Change due to Privacy

Emilie Ruth from Ohio

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AimHerp is Designed to Address All These Pain-Areas You Have to Face

  • Recurrent Outbreaks

  • Cold Sores

  • Intolerable Pain

  • Risk of Other STDs

  • Humiliation

  • Social Seclusion

  • Long-Term Antivirals

  • Stigma

  • Feeling the End of Life

  • Loosing Someone You Love

  • Sleepless Nights

  • Stress

Why Do You Need "AimHerp"?


  • 100% Based on Natural Values

  • AimHerp will guide you through a more beneficial way to view your health. We aim to help you understand the value of your health on a long-term basis. How Investing in vegetables, fruits, herbs, plant-based diets will ensure long-term health has been covered in this treatmet plan.

  • It Will Kill Virus Hidden in Your Nerves

  • AimHerp incorporates scientifically approved 13+ odd herbs, each with their strong, unique antiviral, anti-herpetic properties. These herbs have scientifically documented evidence of killing the herpes virus with 100% potency. You will be totally in control.

  • Will Help You Manage Your Stress Levels

  • Herpes loves stressed body as if you are stress, your body releases stress hormones which nourishes herpes virus. In response, the replication of herpes virus accelerates manifold. Stress is one of the leading causes of herpes outbreak, but don't worry, we have you covered. The DNA of AimHerp is designed to give you 360 degree protection from stress-induced herpes outbreak.

  • You Will Never Feel The Pain Again

  • AimHerp is a perfect blend of several analgesic natural herbs which will suck in all the physical agonies of your life. Be it pustules-induced pain, itching, burning etc. have all been covered in this treatment progaram. We will introduce different methodologies to help you with your physical distress.

  • Forget Your Recurring Outbreaks

  • Forget those days of painful outbreak hours with "AimHerp." Now you don't have to unnecessarily suffer the pain. We have tapped utmost measures while drafting "AimHerp" project to ensure not even a single outbreak could ever bother you post completion of our treatment program.

  • It Will Boost Your Immunity System

  • It all starts with your immune system. If you want to outsmart herpes virus, it has to be your immune system leading the way. That's why we have incorporated powerful natural immune boosters into our treatment program to give you a muscular edge over herpes virus.

  • Whole Body Detoxification

  • Toxic substance in your body can promote the proliferation of herpes virus, this is where a point "AimHerp" intervenes and stops the replication of herpes virus. As soon as you start the treatment, it will start detoxifying your full body including liver, kidney, lungs, digestive system and even skin. It will also help in reversing the damage caused by long-term use of herpes antivirals.

  • Works for Acyclovir Resistant

  • Our treatment program has been crafted to work even if you are Acyclovir resistant. Acyclovir resistance is usually seen in those with immunocompromised status, therefore, long-term use of antivirals can cause acyclovir or any antiviral not to work in your body if you are immunocompromised as if you have diabetes, hypertension.

Finally, You Will Be Herpes Free Forever

  • Now you will not be ALONE anymore, MEET whoever you want, ATTEND PARTIES, go to PUBS and DANCE YOURSELF OUT.

  • You will again be able to Enjoy Your SEX LIFE AGAIN. 

  • You don't have to live in the society with the tag "DIRTY" Anymore.

  • You don't have to face "HUMILIATION."

  • You don't have to fear risk of other STDs

  • You will again be able to enjoy your DATING LIFE, meet NEW PEOPLE, make NEW FRIENDS


    Order Now for Only $199

    Trusted By 7965+ Herpes Patients Across 97 Countries


    I am thankful to aimherp and mr. Brylon for this amazing help. My cold sores are now completely gone, though, me still on it for next 3 more months.

    Myron Boykin

    Myron Boykin

    Tampa, Florida

    "You Made it Simple..."

    I was a bit skeptical and thought it to be yet another fake claims and promises, I don't know how but I bought it. I am completely satisfied with this herpes treatment program. No outbreaks till now 

    Cassie Gladden

    Dallas, Texas

    "Surprising Deal"

    I have complaint regarding how it smells and taste. It tastes like hell. AimHerp has become my favorite tool in herpes management but do something about its taste. Overall, its been 7 months without herpes outbreak. Feels Goooooood.....


    Adenrele Lucas

    Kogi, Nigeria

    Drawbacks of Conventional Medications That Will Hurt You in Long Run

    Side Effects

    Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the correlation between the use of herpes antivirals and increased instances of severe side effects in the patients administering these drugs. Over 2 million severe Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) occurs each year out of which over 100,000 people die. We aren't claiming this fact, in fact, the FDA has made this claim. If you are administering Herpes Antivirals, it may weaken your immune system. These drugs may cause anemia, hair fall, confusion, fatigue, kidney injury and many other unwated side effects.

    Antiviral side effects

    High Medicine Costs

    We specifically want to highlight an incident with Jim Makichuk, a resident of Los Angels. Just a 5 gram Zovirax cream costed him $2627.8. The hike in medical cost has deteriorated the healthcare system in America. Medical bills are the top reason for bankruptcy in our country. Over the years, the hike in medicine cost has been exponential, leading sufferers to file for medical bankruptcy. Jim Makichuk is just an example which is clearly demonstrating the monopoly of pharma giants.

    Antivirals are Just Suppressing Your Symptoms

    One of the truths that the pharma giants don't want you to know is that the antivirals they are selling isn't working on the root of herpes. They are just working on you as a suppressive agent of the symptoms, they neither are decreasing viral shedding nor the latency period, that way, you will have to take medication for life. You are not being treated, actually, you are being deceived. Antivirals are unnatural means of suppressing the symptoms down for some time only, after that you will have to suffer again. You are at a greater risk of antiviral resistance if you have been prescribed on long term antivirals. Long-term use of these antivirals fill your body with toxicity.

    antivirals are not safe

    Here's is What Yolanda and Others are Saying About Healthcare System

    Listen to Her

    The pharma giants are doing everything in their power to neutralize the information of natural science because their financial health depends on governing what the public knows about nutrition and health.

    A vast amount of money is at stake if people like you in America and other parts of the world would come to know the consonance between nature, nutrition, and health. They just can do anything to prevent such nutritional information airing to the world as they are earning in billions.

    Here, we are taking initiative to teach people the value of healthy living, how important it is for you to shift to organic living.

    So...What's The Catch?

    It’s okay to say no to the treatment that is not ready for you. It is okay to say no to the harmful and noxious drugs that are filling your body with toxicity. It’s okay to say no to the treatment, which may cost you bankruptcy. And it’s okay to say no to the procedure which causes adverse drug reactions.

    The best resolution you can make is to invest in your health. When we say invest in your health, we are asking you to grasp the nutrition concepts, plant-based diet concepts, and the concepts of disease-free living.

    Living is more than just staying alive. We don’t want you just to stay alive; we want you to attain your optimum health, rediscover real you, be happy, be stress & anxiety-free, take proper sleep, earn your respect back, free from stigma, get back your loved ones in your life and focus on your goals and achieve them.

    AimHerp is the Solution to All of These

    • Over 13+ powerful antiviral herbs have been incorporated in this treatment program, plus analgesic herbs to help you in pain and natural stress relievers to assist you with stress. AimHerp also consists of advanced wound healers which can repair wounded-tissues in as less as 7 days. These herbs are 100% safe to use and don't cause any side effect.

    • It took us over 9 years to develop "AimHerp," we have tested it successfully to work on HSV1, HSV2 and Herpes Zoster. If you are immunocompromised as if you have any chronic disease, or if you are resistant to antivirals, "AimHerp" is all you need to overcome these shortcomings.

    • We have incorporated over 49 Herpes-Friendly food options in this treatment program to give you a nutrition boost necessary to outsmart herpes virus. These foods are loaded with Lysine, Zinc, Vitamins, Protein, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Dietary Fiber etc. We took special measures to not to include foods which are high in arginine and other values that are considered to be harmful for you.

    • Stress is one the primary triggers of herpes outbreaks, we couldn't have ignored such an important factor while drafting this treatment program. We have included  powerful but easy to follow stress management techniques to help you overcome stress-induced outbreaks. 

    Do You Want to Cure Herpes Forever? Only Serious ONES... If so

    Our Treatment Program Has a Four-Step Plan For You THAT HAS TO BE FOLLOWED AND IS NON-NEGOTIABLE

    • Herbs Based Treatment (The Primary Product).

    • Herpes Diet Management (You Will Get an EBook Worth $49 for Free).

    • Requisite Lifestyle Modifications (You Will Get an EBook Worth $15 for Free).

    • The Secrets of Stress Management (You Will Get an EBook Worth $39 for Free).


    This step revolves around right administration of combination of herbs. This step is the building block of "AimHerp". Strong antiviral herbs will be given to you right from day one of this treatment program. You will have to continuously take these herbs for 75 days, without missing any dose for even a single day.

    (Step #2) Diet Management

    This step is one the most imperative steps you need to follow uncondionally. As we are giving you a diet management eBook, you need to take full advantage of it. You have to follow the instructions given to you in the book. You need to absorb right nutrition from right sources, that is what this book is all about.

    (Step #3) Stress Management

    Step 3 is equally as important as the previous two ones. Our eBook "The Secrets of Stress Management" comprises of some of the best stress management techniques briefed in simple language. Anyone can follow, implement & take advantage of this eBook.

    (Step #4) Lifestyle Modifications

    You need to give up some of your bad habits the day you start out treatment program. Smoking, Excessive drinking and intake of any drug isn't going to help you with herpes. You need to make some lifestyle modifications as per our eBook.

    What's Inside?

    This eBook is an endeavor to help people understand the importance of nutrition and healthy foods options if you have herpes virus. This eBook exposes the fast food industry that how they are recruiting scientists to create irresistible habit forming fast foods. How they are making you addict to buy more of their products.

    • Inside are the easy tips you can practice to get over fast food addiction. You will also learn how to get over sugar addiction.

    • We have included over 49 herpes friendly foods in this eBook to cater all your nutritional challenges. These foods are easy to digest and nutrition dense with lysine, vitamins, minerals and protein. You can easily find these foods in the supermarket.

    • You will also find the list of foods that should be avoided if you are herpes patient. Arginine rich foods are potential triggers to flare-ups, therefore, we have enlisted foods you should avoid.

    As you are being our privileged customer, you will get this eBook for FREE WORTH $49 with AimHerp.

    What's Inside?

    Stress is one the primary triggers of herpes outbreak as stress suppresses your immune system's ability to fight various infections. Therefore, it becomes imperative to decrease stress levels to healthy grade.

    • In this eBook, you will find some of the yoga-techniques specifically chosen to lower your stress to healthy levels.

    • You will find inside the comprehensive easy to follow stress management techniques such as shiatsu massage therapy especially chosen for herpes patients. These techniques can be performed by anyone.

    • There are a lot more secrets (THAT WE CAN'T REVEAL HERE) of stress management that are surely going to fit your interest.

    As you are being our privileged customer, you will get this eBook for FREE WORTH $39 with AimHerp.

    the secrets of stress management


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